Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost broke

I am almost broke. Almost.
Supporting myself through Neobux and Awsurvey...
Some people say it is a scam...
Never mind... Just try it
It wont hurt


LOL... it is so slow...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Upper division writing course...

Glad I don't have to face the wrath of ENL 102 in INTI
Some course are not meant to take in INTI... (LOL in my perspective)
Well I took this course in CU for this sem...

Examples of Logical Fallacies
Card stacking: When we see an medical or food advertisement, they will tell you all great things about it, the side effects parts are usually less emphasized or skipped. Side effects might be the problem that make you wouldn't want to buy it. In China milk scandal, the advertisement shows the milk having high protein but didn't reveal it contains melamine.

The Either/Or fallacy: Your friend might tell you: “I'm not a doctor, but your runny nose and cough tell me you either have flu or cold.” Although it may be a flu or cold, these are not only the option available. It may be allergies or other serious diseases.

The False Analogy: A brother told her sister: “ We have the same score”. “ You got 70 and I got 100, that is not the same”. “Well, 100 is pass and 70 is also pass, why isn't it the same?”. (70 and 100 is pass but they are not the same score.)

The Red Herring: Two men are debating. One says “I can prove that the son is smarter than the father, because Einstein discovered the theory of relativity but his father didn't”, the other says: “Well, this shows that the father is smarter than the son because Einstein discovered the theory of relativity but his son didn't” (Einstein theory of relativity has nothing to do with the smartness of father and son)

Begging the Question/Circular Argument: A: “The fish must be happy!” B: “You are not the fish, so how you know?” A: “You are not me, how you know I don't know?”. Bill: "God must exist." Jill: "How do you know." Bill: "Because the Bible says so." Jill: "Why should I believe the Bible?" Bill: "Because the Bible was written by God."

Hasty Generalizations: All birds can fly, so all flying animals are birds. (Not all birds can fly and not all flying animals are birds.)

A Non-Sequitur: I didn't do well in my test because my father is a mechanic, if my father is a teacher, I will do well in the test. (Your father is a teacher and your test result don't mix)

The Post Hoc Fallacy: There's one village where people sacrifice their animals for the river god so that it will rain. If there's rain, it must be from the river god. (who cause the rain?)

Example of Emotional Fallacies
Argumentum ad Hominem: "You claim that this man is innocent, but you cannot be trusted since you are a criminal as well." attacks directed against the character of a person rather than at the claims s/he makes.

Straw Man Argument: Bill and Jill are arguing about cleaning out their closets: Jill: "We should clean out the closets. They are getting a bit messy." Bill: "Why, we just went through those closets last year. Do we have to clean them out everyday?" Jill: "I never said anything about cleaning them out every day. You just want too keep all your junk forever, which is just ridiculous." (The person doesn't mean it and it's too exaggerating)

Bandwagon argument: Joe: "Bill, I know you think that 1+1=2. But we don't accept that sort of thing in our group. " Bill: "I was just joking. Of course I don't believe that." (Peer pressure that cause Bill to leave his statements)

Plain Folk Appeal/ad Populum: "I read the other day that most people really like the new gun control laws. I was sort of suspicious of them, but I guess if most people like them, then they must be okay." (Popularity pressure)

Status Appeal: I'm not a expert, but I always took MorphiDope 2000 when I need a fast acting, effective and safe painkiller before my filming starts. – An action film actor.

Scare Tactics: You must believe that God exists. After all, if you do not accept the existence of God, then you will face the horrors of hell.

Testimonial and Improper Appeal to Authority: A: "I played the lottery today and I know I am going to win something." B: "What did you do, rig the outcome?" A: "No, silly. I called my Super Psychic Buddy at the 1-900-Mind Power number. After consulting his magic Californian Tarot deck, he told me my lucky numbers." B: "And you believed him?" A: "Certainly, he is a certified Californian Master-Mind Psychic. That is why I believe what he has to say. I mean, like, who else would know what my lucky numbers are?"

A Glittering Generality: The new Mountain Dew gives you the power you need. If you buy one, people will envy your power. They will look up to you and wish they were just like you. You will know the true joy of power. Mountain Dew. (Really?)

LOL... My homework...
Everything is amazing smooth in Colorado...
I'm living at a place almost full with people devoted to Jesus
A lady (christian) told me is because Jesus love me (??)
Well, I'm not having a religion now yet... Not sure...
Hope to finish my degree on 2011 spring! GOGOGO...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grub Boot Parameters

Hahaha... finally I back LOL
I have school starting tomorrow but i still feeling like blogging
Today: Inspired by my NEC laptop with broken keyboard
I got something from
How to edit grub boot parameter (for broken laptop)

A. Changing Boot Parameters Temporarily
When the PC boots up, you will see the Grub countdown, which is set to 3 seconds by default. Press "Esc" to intercept this countdown and go enter a Grub menu. Then

1. Press 'e' to start editing
2. Scroll down to the "kernel..." line. The is the line that tells Grub which kernel to boot with and the parameters to be passed to the kernel when it boots are placed at the end of this line
3. Press 'e' again to edit this line
4. Move to the end of the line. You will see any existing parameters and can add other new parameters to the end
5. Parameters are separated by spaces and are mostly either a single word (e.g. nolapic), or an equation (e.g. acpi=off)
6. Once you have added the parameter to the end of the line, press Enter to accept the editing
7. Then press 'b' to boot using that kernel and those parameters.

the grub parameter for my keyboard...: i8042.nokbd check out more here:

B. Making Boot Parameter Changes Permanent

gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
will edit this file in the Ubuntu gedit graphical text editor.

## ## End Default Options ##

title Ubuntu 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-11-generic
uuid 645e8e00-aece-4483-82d7-e3922070015b
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic root=UUID=645e8e00-aece-4483-82d7-e3922070015b ro quiet splash
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.28-11-generic

Add your parameters to the end of the line starting with "kernel...". This should be the same line that you would edit in the temporary change scenario above. Save the file and the change will survive a reboot.

Broken keyboard LOL